Wiley White


Wiley Brantley White is a native of Troy and a former long-time resident of Montgomery, Alabama, where she was editor and publisher of the Montgomery Art Guild's popular newsletter, Imagine! for over twenty years. While living in Montgomery, she worked as a visual artist affiliated with Gallery One, and became widely known for her abstract vine baskets and colorful acrylic paintings and collages. She created the 1993 poster for Birmingham Jam, and the 1996 poster for Montgomery's Jubilee CityFest, and won the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra's design competition for the cover of the Symphony's Season of Masterworks catalog and brochure. 

In 1996,Wiley was appointed by Governor Fob James to the Alabama State Council on the Arts, where she served six years and developed a deep appreciation of the contributions made by individual visual artists to the arts and culture of Alabama. She was also appointed in 1996 by Governor James to serve on Alabama's Arts Education License Tag Committee. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn Montgomery in 1997, with a minor in Communication. Wiley has been associated with the grassroots Cultural Arts project in Troy since 2004, working with the Board of Directors and witnessing the renovation and transformation during 2007-2008 of Troy's historic Troy post office into the Holman and Ethel Johnson Center for the Arts, the first and only cultural arts center in Pike County. In addition to her work with the Johnson Center for the Arts, Wiley White is a free-lance writer.

Wiley was employed with the Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Center from its inception and was the backbone of the Johnson Center for the Arts for 20 years. She retired in May 2020 and now has time to devote to her artwork.  We love Wiley and thank her for her passion for the arts and love for Troy and the Pike County area.